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From industry to nature... a preparation for a love-filled day

One thing I love about pre-wedding photoshoots is that it gives me time to really get to know a couple before their big day. I'd hate to spend 2 hours on photos when the couple are all nicely dressed up and excited after their wedding ceremony only to find out a week later that the groom doesn't like photos of himself from the left. So, we do a practice shoot. That way, they also get to know how I work and get used to the weird faces I pull when I'm focused behind the camera!

Elin & Erik will be married on May 27th and seem really excited about the prospect! Their instagram feeds have become a countdown to the big day and the process of planning is very much at full speed now (not the most enjoyable bit, I must admit!). I can't wait to shoot their wedding in central Norrköping with all of the creative possibilities afforded by an old industrial city in fantastic condition. They're also incredibly photogenic. Some people make my job ridiculously easy to do!

We went out to the beautiful oak-filled woodlands in Ingelsta where we also had the back of some stores in an industrial complex. The lines and textures there were amazing so we tested out a few different shots, and here you can see what came of the afternoon. A lovely selection of dramatic black & whites and some dreamy woddsey pictures. How fun it was to show their adorable little critter how to use my camera too. She made some guest appearances herself but was more than happy to be my assistant for the day.

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