José Francos Fotograf


An afternoon in light and newfound closeness

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to be asked by some friends and colleagues if I would be able to document the newly arrival child of someone I have known for a while, yet never really got round to making a close connection with. You know how you regularly bump into someone at work and instantly see that you share some kind of connection, but your desks are far away, you don't share the same copier and you would have to make a concerted effort to bump into them in order to really get to know each other? (No? Just me? oh well) Well, that's the story here.

One of the things I love most about being a portrait photographer is that I get to meet and get closer to people. Photographing someone is often a very intimate experience. I have to closely observe them in order to see how I can best take beautiful images of them; the contours of their cheekbones; texture of the eyes and smile lines which bring out their cheeky personality. Then you also get to follow them around (without anyone having to call in the authorities) and see; their swagger when they walk; the way their hands rest on their lap when focused on something else and the transformation of their expression when a myriad of varying things occur over the course of a few hours.

This photoshoot was such a wonderful experience. I got to spend time with someone who I've long respected. I saw an incredible majesty and beauty in him that I never gave myself the opportunity to see previously. Added to that, his partner (whom I had never met) turns out to be a reflection of his warm and caring character; someone with a warm glint in their eye; a welcoming smile; open arms to welcome a stranger into her home and an artistic soul. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I direct you to her wonderful artwork (Tip: check out her "circus" project. It's sombre and playful. I love it!). Let's not forget their newly arrived baby. Six weeks old at the time, his delightful cheeks, helpless cries and sense of safety and comfort when held close by his loving parents was a delight to witness. 

The pictures I took in their home of them and their newly arrived son were a joy to take. Their enormous windows allowed light to pour into their lives, illuminating their relationships in a way that made clicking the shutter a delicious experience where stunning images poured out of me. Thanks to both of you for letting me come into your home and be a part of that special thing you've got going on.