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A New Year's Wedding - How we fought through the crowds

I received a message some weeks into November from a friend who asked me if I could take some portraits of him and his family on New Year's eve. Hmmmm, I thought, I had planned on having a few wines, a couple of beers and a few cheeky schnapps to see out 2016, so I wasn't so enamored by the idea, until he mentioned they would be portraits of his wedding day, at which point my reaction was rapidly overturned! Henke would soon be adding husband to his list of other notable titles (father, teacher, friend, and class clown).

Henke & Lina's wedding in central Norrköping was the perfect location for a photoshoot. Beautiful architecture, a river, a city-wide light festival illuminating the streets... great! The only problem was the growing popularity of the Norrköping New Year's walk, where thousands of people take a stroll through the wonderfully preserved industrial heartland of the city which is skillfully lit and full of wonderful sights... that being the EXACT location we would be attempting to take our portraits in.

It seems however that with a mix of lucky timing and well planned-out locations, the crowds were pretty much avoided, though I'm still not quite sure how! At certain points, we were wading through a river of people marching in the opposite direction we were heading in, like salmon swimming upstream, yet they were not visible in the final shots. There must have been a guardian angel hovering above somewhere (dammit, why didn't I get a picture of that!).

Thanks Henke & Lina for asking me to come along to what was a really enjoyable shoot and many congratulations once again!

Here are a selection of the images we took on the day.